MYDOMAIN | 7 of the Most Beautiful Bedroom Makeovers We’ve Ever Seen

“Your bedroom is the space in your home that is all your own, and it should feel nothing short of flawless. Having the perfect energy in your bedroom is important to begin and end the day on a high note, and in our Makeover of the Week series, we’ve seen several amazing bedroom makeovers that turn the spaces into ones the owners dream of—pun intended.

Read on to see seven stunning bedroom makeovers completed by some of our favorite designers, and apologies if you’re inspired to renovate yours immediately.

‘The design challenge was to create an oasis which spoke to the multicultural lineage of the couple’s families—his is Danish, hers Indian,’ designer Laurie Blumenfeld-Russo noted on this guest bedroom transformation. ‘My vision was to craft a cozy and relaxed aesthetic, a space modern enough to please the Dane, and glam enough to speak to the Indian side of the family.’

The result was a lovely bedroom filled with calming neutrals and pops of color, from the apricot pillows to the willow tree-printed wallpaper. The space feels organic and inviting with a blend of cultures and design styles—plus, the view is unbeatable.” – BY MIA INGUI, MyDomaine